No Agenda Episode 1606 – “Food Noise”

“Food Noise”

Executive Producers:

Sir Onymous of Dogpatch and Lower Slobbovia

Skunkbeard, Knight of the Third Coast

Dame Mary of the Domestead

Sir Phoenix Finnickin of the Pennsylvania Tartarians

Dr Sir Becoming Heroic

That Dame StitchyWoman

Sir Guust Kadaver

Dame Karen

Sir Atomgiant of Cary

Amy Thiessen

Sir Cal of Lavender

Associate Executive Producers:

Sir Pursuit of Peace and Tranquility

Linda Lupatkin

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Knights & Dames

Denise Robertson > Dame Denise, Queen of COBALT programmers

Mary Neu > Dame Mary of the Domestead

Patricia Cross > That Dame StitchyWoman

Douglas McPhate > Sir Skunkbeard, Knight of the Third Coast

Edward Tarrant > Sir Phoenix Finnickin of the Pennsylvania Tartarians

Mark Borst > Dr Sir Becoming Heroic

PhD Graduates:

Sir Onymous

Douglas McPhate

Mary Neu

Edward Tarrant

Mark Borst

Patricia Cross

Sir Guust Kadaver

Bradley Selsor

Welcome new No Agenda MD PhD’s to the society of learned persons. The path to this high academic honor for some of you has been long if not costly. Some of the price has been paid by your hard-earned wisdom. And some in other ways. But today is not an end. It is only a beginning. From this point forward, go forth and spread the No Agenda word far and wide. We will not be silenced. We will not be deterred. The truth is out there. Now go and find it!

Art By: Nessworks

End of Show Mixes: Pyramid King Reuben – Sir Chris Wilson – Secret Agent Paul

Engineering, Stream Management & Wizardry

Mark van Dijk – Systems Master

Ryan Bemrose – Program Director

Back Office Jae Dvorak

Chapters: Dreb Scott

Clip Custodian: Neal Jones

Clip Collectors: Steve Jones & Dave Ackerman

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