Tower of Babel: This article on the Tower of Babel is a continuation of the Sumerian Kings List article series. The previous article was Sumerian Kings List: Nimrod.

The Tower of Babel

  1. The ruins of the Ziggurat of Eridu (seen below) are larger and older than any others ever discovered within the fertile crescent, or the cradle of civilization.
  2. The Ziggurat of Eridu is located in roughly the same area as the description given in Genesis.
  3. The Tower of Eridu was destroyed, or fell, or never completed for whatever cause.
  4. Eridu is the location of the claimed god Enki, god of “Abzu”.
  5. In the Sumerian text of Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta the Ziggurat of Eridu is where the “speech of mankind” was meant to become one.
  6. In cuniform Eridu can be shown as “NUN.KI” meaning the “Mighty Place”.
  7. Berosus (c. 200 BC) in his Greek version of the Sumerian Kings List uses the word “Babylon” in place of the word “Eridu”.